Why Flash Cards?

You live within time, and with what you do of your memory.
In your young age, your parents and/or your school helped you to learn everything:

  • Walking
  • Speaking
  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Calculating
  • ... and much more.

These skills are now yours.

Now has come the time for you to choose by yourself how to curb your destiny with more knowledge, decision taken, wise thinking

This way you will better identify with all of these, because your purpose now will be to stop being influenced by the external World and have it all come from deep inside, in a thinking process that you will own.

Flash Cards will help you doing that.


Yes, Flash cards will help you doing that.

They will help you to separate the important from the unimportant.

They will do that in a way that will match the current context, aka your present knowledge state.

You now also have the opportunity to download a great tool to have your own  empty flashcards system that you will fill with the new knowledge you will decide to acquire.

A knowledge you may be able to monetize later.

Thus, a tool to get more freedom, both in your inside and outside world(s).

How? Let's have a look 


Are you ready?

Benefit 1

Get a clearer picture
Life in the information overflow age has become depressing and stressing.
You need to constantly advance and adapt.
Flash Cards are the most efficient way to improve on what you want to internalize profoundly.

Benefit 2

Get a truer picture. By thinking about how to write your Flash Cards while using them to elaborate on essential questions, or write ideas that come to you that you recognize as utterly important, you will change the way you will grasp the universe. For the truer. At least, the opportunity is offered to you.

Benefit 3

Let me be free. Having done your daily Flash Cards review, you will be able to empty your mind. Flash Cards are somehow an extension of the GTD (Gettings Things Done) Method. A way to externalize your worries as well.
You will write on these cards your life mission statements, so to help achieve it within a sense of doing it right.


Hey there! I’m Jean-David

If you want to mimic my success...

... here is the right place to go.
You might ask : what success?
And you will be right to...
The ultimate success lies within oneself, and cannot be proved...

You perhaps know it already...

Money is a great desire activator, but I will not put "getting rich quick" at the forefront of what I have to share with you.

Freedom and happiness are more interesting.

Gaining some clarity on essential concepts, and on issues everyone faces will prove invaluable in the long term.

My motto is to help you getting clearer all the time. I know it is a treasure.
Do you want it? Today?

I once was in college...

We used to write little pieces of paper... recto verso

On one side was a question : a word to tanslate into a foreign lang

  • aka the question

On the other side was the translation

  • aka the answer

Many student were doing it that way. Because it worked

It was efficient

We were able to shuffle the so called flashcards

I didn't like to learn at that time...

Same for you, maybe...

You see, this is why Flashcards are not so popular...

But they were useful and efficient

Otherwise we would not have used them...

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Flash cards as a Services to Schools or Companies

We can type in sets or cards for you, based on written material or courses you lend us for a while...

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